Noton kay haar workshop

19 February 2022

Examining the role currency plays in popular visual culture
The Noton ka haar workshop, organised by the University of Karachi, aimed to create interest in their students to learn about a craft that is slowly dying out due to market and design trends. It was also a way for them to create a conceptual link with our partner institution, the State Bank Museum and look at the role currency plays in popular visual culture.  

Noton ka haar, the craft of making currency garlands, was a fun workshop for all of us. It was familiar because it is used in our traditional culture. We have seen those haar in our various ceremonies but never made them by ourselves. So, it was a wonderful experience to learn how.  

OSCH in Karachi

The event

An expert craft person held a workshop at the Karachi University Department of Visual Studies with the fine art programme students. The workshop involved learning the traditional garland making techniques using currency notes. The students later designed and innovated their own garlands following the techniques acquired in the workshop. 

The outcome

The 12 students who participated in the workshop will now teach visitors to the State Bank Museum. Other students will have the opportunity to use the technique or research it further for their thesis. 

As the students are part of the fine art programme, they can think about further introducing the skills learned in their own art practices.