Our work

Our Shared Cultural Heritage experiments with new ways for museums and heritage organisations to work better for young people. There are three main strands to our programme: working in museums, our actions and campaigns, and storytelling.


Many stories are ignored or misrepresented in mainstream culture. We believe that the more stories are shared, the more we can understand ourselves and each other, both now and in the past. Through storytelling, young people are bringing more stories of the UK and South Asia to light.

Working in a museum

We believe more young people should be both working, and getting wider work experience, in museums.

Our actions and campaigns

We support young people to have agency to make a difference and campaign for what's important to them. They achieve these aims through social action projects, campaigns, socially engaged work and more.

Our themes

Exploring themes including decolonisation, colourism, identity, mixed heritage and gender - the breadth of this work reflects the diversity of the countries and people involved in OSCH and their rich cultural heritage.