OSCH aims to improve how museums work with young people from the South Asian diaspora in the UK and with young people in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Young people are already engaged with their heritage in many ways. We want to encourage this further by opening up museums as spaces where they explore their identity and cultural heritage in a supportive environment, and where they have agency to make their voices heard.

OSCH wants more young people to benefit from museums-related work. By encouraging youth organisations and museums to work together, we are able to provide better training and work opportunities for young people.

We work mainly with museums in Glasgow and Manchester in the UK, alongside partners in Rajshahi, Bangladesh; Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan; and Bengaluru, India. Our ambition is to share ideas and opportunities with the wider heritage sector.

Project working agreement

This document states the project's aims, our shared values and how we work. It was developed by young people from Glasgow and Manchester, alongside project staff, in October 2019.

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