Creative writing workshop

4 – 5 February 2022

Inspiring young people to preserve our heritage and teach future generations through their stories
This workshop was created by CCD and by the Uronto Artist Community, Rajshahi, for the OSCH Rajshahi youth board, with the aim to inspire the participants to think creatively and to develop the skills to write stories that will help to preserve their heritage and teach future generations.

I'm a content writer myself, so I signed up for the creative writing workshop organized by CCD as a part of the OSCH project to further polish my writing skills. I had a good time exploring the different aspects of creative writing with the help of our facilitators.

Shadman Shakib

The workshop

This two day workshop was organised in four stages with a professional writer or academic leading each stage, these included Professor Mashihur Rahman, Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Rajshahi; Hasan Imam Sweet, Lecturer, Department of Bangla, North Bengal University, Rajshahi; Abul Kalam Mohammad Azad, Special Correspondent, Daily Prothom Alo; Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman, Professor, Department of Theatre, University of Rajshahi. 

The sessions focused on: 

  • Language for communication

  • Types of writing

  • Drafting

  • Feature writing and basic script writing

Each facilitator also demonstrated the theories of creative writing, using topics the trainees could easily relate. They also shared examples of their works and explained how these had been created.

The outcome

We need young people to preserve the heritage of our culture, and to educate future generations about our culture through the art they create. This is why this workshop was so important – it helped the participants learn how to write for an audience, as well as to develop their technical writing skills. We aimed to give participants confidence to express themselves creatively and inspire them by introducing them to established writers.  In total 30 participants aged between 18-25 took part. 


The workshop gained media interest and was featured in Padma news.