Our actions and campaigns

Young people having agency to make a difference, spreading their message and campaigning for what’s important to them is a vital way for them to take leading roles in heritage. We achieve this through social action projects, campaigns, socially engaged work and more.
Young people are (and often have been) at the forefront of change throughout history. We believe that young people have a core role in making much needed change happen.

What we do

Social action projects – enabling young people to plan and lead their own projects. Young people identify a change, develop a response and act on it.

Social media campaigns – reaching out to as many people as possible, beyond geographical boundaries, sharing reading lists, videos and discussions. Follow osch.youngpeople from Manchester, and osch_glasgow from Glasgow to find out their latest news.

Changemakers – enabling young people to have decision making roles, build their leadership skills, giving them positions of influence within our organisations and recognising their value. Running youth boards, collectives and finding spaces for young people in governance structures. You can find out more about the people involved in OSCH on our People and Partners page.

Heritage campaigns – OSCH has been involved in the UK’s South Asian Heritage Month since it’s first year in 2020. Through employing young people and doing call outs for events we’ve supported a youth voice in the programme and presented a range of celebrations and commemorations during this key month.

It’s the young people in OSCH who identify the issues and topics they want to address. From colourism, representation, colonial legacies, environmental issues, museum practices, mental health and more.

It’s important that heritage organisations realise the potential of young people to lead change. We need people in senior positions and organisations who hold the power to listen to young people and the issues they care about. We advocate for youth agency.

We want to bring more young people together with like-minded peers to have discussions they may not have had before, learn from each other and make change.