19 February 2022

What's the scene, Bob?

How slang can help us understand the multicultural landscape of Bengaluru
This workshop, devised by MAP's OSCH interns, explored how slang can help us understand the multicultural landscape of Bengaluru. Working with young influencers and run online it was aimed to appeal to young people and anyone curious about their local culture.

The unique lingo of Bengaluru is a palimpsest that tells us so much about the communities that have inhabited the city. Tracking its evolution, therefore, can help us understand the multicultural landscape of the city today.  
Bengaluru slang is getting renewed attention as the city’s influencers animate these words through their funny, light-hearted reels and posts. This event was a conversation with content creators Sonu Venugopal, Shreyas Rao, and Sriram Sullia where they discussed the origins of many much loved slang words and phrases, and the role social media has played in popularising Bengaluru lingo.  

The event

The event featured three young influencers, Sonu Venugopal, Shreyas Rao, and Sriram Sullia who create content related to Bengaluru’s slang as well as build awareness about the local language and culture. The OSCH interns were also involved in creating a short quiz at the end of the event, targeted at young people, covering trends, slang along with a bit of history about the city. 

The objective of this event was to bring awareness to an aspect of language that plays such a vital role in understanding a city’s culture. Bengaluru has a huge population of young people from all across the country and this event hoped to celebrate the local culture and promote inclusivity.  

You can watch the event here.

The outcome

As a team we learnt how to create content that would appeal to people who are new to the city, who have lived in Bengaluru for decades and even those who were simply curious about the local culture.  

We also experimented with a quiz format (kahoot) which we found to be an interesting way to engage with the audience. We hope to use it again for our future events. On the night 28 18-25 year olds took part.