12 August 2021 – 3rd September 2021

Case Study

Changemakers – Our Shared Cultural Heritage
The Changemakers strand of OSCH explores advocacy for South Asian young people, and critiques museum practice in Glasgow Museums. This pilot project was hosted in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It ran over four days, with a new session each day, with four young people aged between 17 – 25. 

It is important to understand the nuances of the consequence of the British Empire on so many parts of the world/people. Important to showcase more than one point of view. 


Future Changemakers

These sessions were used to explore the young peoples’ perceptions of museums and issues of discrimination within the arts and heritage sector. A key aim was to create a test to critique galleries on their representation of South Asian heritage as well as enslaved or colonised people. The sessions were also used to explore what other issues Changemakers should be exploring.  

The success of the programme has led to the creation of a larger, year long group who will set out their views and aspirations to make positive institutional changes in the way Glasgow Museums represents communities affected by British colonisation. This group are driven, creative, passionate young people who are the voices of the future.

As an Indian person, it feels very important for me to learn more about the British Empire and how it has impacted my culture and my ancestors.


The Test for Museums

The Test for Museums has the potential to be a useful tool for the whole sector in analysing exhibitions and activities’ representation of colonialism, empire and slavery. It is first being used to review Kelvingrove as part of the Museum of Empire Project, with the Changemakers creating interventions using the findings revealed by the Test.

This was an amazing and powerful learning experience. It felt nourishing to be surrounded by other South Asians and discussing critiquing the exhibits.