OSCH in Rajshahi

Uniting socially engaged practice, a strong youth network with a collection from one of the oldest museums in Bangladesh – to provide unique opportunities for young people.
Uronto Artist Community and CCD Bangladesh have been working in partnership with Varendra Research Museum, Rajshahi since July 2021. Through this partnership they are providing opportunities for young people to connect with their heritage and develop skills. They are also exploring new ways for the museum to engage with younger audiences. 

The Partners

Uronto is an artist run collective with a focus on experimental and socially engaged practice. Founded by its director Sadya Mizan, it creates a platform for creative practitioners to work with local and global communities. CCD Bangladesh, Rajshahi, is a communications and art development agency with strong youth networks. Set up in 1910, Varendra Research Museum, Rajshahi, is considered the oldest museum in Bangladesh. Its collection includes Sanskrit scripts, Buddhist and Hindu sculptures and houses a gallery displaying the indigenous and tribal culture of Rajshahi region – combining to make it a popular visitor attraction.

Museum Youth Board

For Our Shared Cultural Heritage, these partners have set up a Museum Youth Board, made up of 31 young people. The young people are taking part in a specially designed museum orientation programme which includes workshops, research, training and delivery of activities.

Examples include a Mapping and Interactive Design workshop that introduced the Museum Youth Board to ways of making local stories, practices and rituals more visible in a meaningful way. As well as a workshop discussing the heritages of Rajshahi by Mahbub Siddiqui and a Zine workshop – a fun, practical course that introduced the group to magazine production and self-publishing.