OSCH in Karachi

Renowned university and a forward-thinking museum working with young people to develop fresh ways to see culture.
For OSCH, students and faculty members of the Department of Visual Studies, Karachi University, are working with the State Bank Museum of Pakistan to create new models of engaging young people with the museum. 

The Department of Visual Studies

The Department of Visual Studies was founded by acclaimed artist and cultural leader Durriya Kazi. It has a reputation for excellence in teaching, with many graduates going on to work in the culture sector. The department is part of the University of Karachi. Founded in 1951, it has 41,000 students making it one of Pakistan’s largest universities.

The State Bank Museum

The State Bank Museum of Pakistan was inaugurated on 1 July, 2011 as Pakistan’s first currency museum by the founding Director, Dr Asma Ibrahim. The State Bank Museum’s main objectives are to preserve its building, and to develop its collections of coins, currency, stamps, archives, history of the state bank and art – creating an accessible image of the State Bank. They are providing an opportunity for young people to learn about Pakistan’s history through the evolving role of its currency. It also aims to encourage the artistic development of young people in Pakistan, and to establish cultural exchange with museums worldwide.