Late 2022

OSCH in Bengaluru with the Museum of Art & Photography

South India’s first major private art museum with one of its largest collections of Indian art
For OSCH, five young people have been recruited as paid interns to join the museum team. These interns will work across different functions of the museum, gaining invaluable work experience as the museum prepares to open its building to the public in late 2022.  

Museum of Art & Photography

Situated in Bengaluru, the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) is south India’s first major private art museum and has one of the largest collections of Indian art in India. MAP’s mission is to take art and culture to the heart of the community, reaching a diverse audience.  It aims to create a museum-going culture that encourages people to experience art and heritage in new ways. Currently an online museum, it will open to the public in 2022; giving access to art galleries, an auditorium, an art and research library, an education centre, and a specialised research and conservation facility. 

Three of the interns are based in the events team and are being mentored to develop programming specifically aimed at 16 to 25 year olds. To date this is an underrepresented audience group.

One intern is a video content creator; collaborating with MAP’s Social Media Manager to devise effective outreach strategies for promoting events for young people.  

The fifth intern is working in the development team to provide administrative support to the fundraising function while learning about and taking the first steps in a career in arts fundraising. 

All five interns will also have the opportunity to design and programme their own events.