OSCH in Bengaluru with the Indian Music Experience Museum

Dynamic new museum with performance space, interactive exhibits, a sound garden, substantial education and outreach programme.
For OSCH, the Indian Music Experience Museum (IME) has set up three programmes under its initiative Yuva in Culture*.

Indian Music Experience Museum

Based in Bengaloru, the IME is India’s first interactive music museum. It is dedicated to increasing the understanding of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary. The museum takes a holistic approach to music with exhibitions on the history of Indian music, classes in music theory and practice, and concerts. Spanning 50,000 square feet, it houses interactive exhibits, a learning centre, a performance space and a sound garden.

While one programme aims to give young people an opportunity to develop soft skills required for the 21st century like leadership skills and working as a team, the other programme creates a platform for young artists to develop their work and to be mentored by established artists. The third programme provides paid internships for young museum professionals to gain experience in curation, design and web applications through creating an online exhibition.  

*Yuva meaning young people or person in Hindi and other Indian languages